So what does the Inferno™ Cab Heater do for you?

This is your ticket to do more!  This is the ultimate “hall pass”.  Your ticket to freedom and doing more of what you want! Maybe that want is for some peace and quiet in the outdoors, or maybe you just have a job to get done or both!  Either way, we've got the solution.

We built Inferno™ Cab Heaters for the farmer who needs to get in a few more chores in the cold. For the guy who plowed his driveway and is now going to help the neighbor with theirs.  For the guy with a deadline to get a job done.  For the guy wanting to stay out a few more hours hunting or just being outdoors.... no matter who you are, what you are driving or why you need the heat, we are here to help you get it.

Welcome to your ultimate hall pass.  Welcome to the Inferno Cab Heater lifestyle.  Nobody brings the heat better. Nobody.

Inferno Cab Heaters - The Ultimate Hall Pass

About Us

Inferno™ Cabs Heaters is an OEM and Aftermarket Manufacturer of Cab Heaters for use in a wide range of applications. We take pride in producing top-quality products that we manufacture right here in the USA. All of our cab heaters come equipped with a SPAL blower and an aluminum heater core, meaning Inferno™ Cab Heaters are built with components that stand above our competition. SPAL is the world leader in high-performance fans and blowers, ensuring performance with longevity that is second to none. The one thing that never changes is our drive to manufacture high-quality products for our customers. This is the highest quality and most heavy-duty heater on the market, you will not be disappointed.

We made our mark as a producer of high-quality aftermarket cab heating kits for the UTV market. We continue to carry the most expansive and highest quality heater kit line-up available to service the UTV aftermarket and have also begun producing products as the OEM for big brand names. Each Heater Series we offer is available with multiple duct adapter configurations allowing our customers (and us) more flexibility when designing a cooling system. Our philosophy of producing a quality product at a fair price, backed with great service, is what drives our continual growth.

Inferno™ Cab Heaters now have cab heating solutions for All-Terrain Vehicles, Automotive and Truck, Agricultural Machinery, Transportation Equipment, Recreational Vehicles, Heavy-Duty Construction Equipment, and many other applications. As the need changes, we will continue to make improvements with even more customization for new applications. We will continue to find the solution. Always.